mgw: My Graphic Works
Image viewer with tiny filters.

	Developing evnvironment:
		Vine Linux 6.2 (Haut Bailly)
		Kernel 3.4.69-1vl6 on a 2-processor i686

 How to install
	$ tar zxvf mgw-1.0.??.tar.gz
	$ cd mgw-1.0.??
	$ ./configure
	$ make
	$ su
	Password: *******
	# make install-strip

	$ sudo make install-strip

    Keys and Wheel mouse
          Button-1 + Drag: Clip-area rectangle's rubber band
                 Button-2: Cut selected clip-area
   Ctrl + Button-1 + Drag: Drift image
            Page-Up, Down: Vertical image scroll
    Shift + Page-Up, Down: Horizontal image scroll
              Wheel mouse: Vertical and Horizontal image scroll
                 Ctrl + A: Scale image to screen size
                 Ctrl + E: Adjust window to image size
                 Ctrl + F: Resize window to screen height
                BackSpace: Revert image

    Result file of "Execute all ..."
	Filter~Bat    : $HOME/.mgw/BAT/
	Filter~Macro  : $HOME/.mgw/MACRO/

    Script file
	You can edit it by editor.

    Multiple images
	Dragging two or more image files on the application window
	makes thumbnail list. The image can be selected by [Button-1],
	and back to thumbnail list window by [Button-3].

	License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

	This software comes with ABSOLUTLY NO WARRANTY.

	Some code has been developed with reference to the great
	software "XnSketch". I would like to thank here.